Who uses FanRx Products?

FanRx is a super simple way for our clients to create a customized Facebook page with all kinds of functionality, yet it looks like it's just another element of Facebook. Works well and looks good - what more do you need?
Jaclyn Ranere, VP Product Marketing, The Orchard
FanRx is an easy to use, powerful set of tools to share your music where all your fans already are - Facebook!
Jazmine Valencia, The Island Def Jam Music Group
FanRx has played an integral part in some of our biggest promotions. From content gates to sweepstakes administration, FanRx is simple and superior loaded with great features! A fantastic product with excellent support. I'm a fan!
John Avery, Digital Director, Ryan Seacrest Productions
FanRx products reach millions of consumers each month and is utilized by over 225,000 brands, musicians, celebrities and other influencers.

Our Facebook Page Builder is among the top page management applications on Facebook.

Musicians like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Train, Dr. Dre, Dave Matthews Band, Linkin Park and many more utilize FanRx to deliver their music content to fans on Facebook.

Celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and major brands such as Monster Energy, VEVO, ESPN, Nokia and Viddy have also used FanRx to increase their fan engagement on Facebook and beyond.

FanRx is great to work with. We partner with blue-chip brands and high profile celebrities, and FanRx provides great apps and exceptional service. All of our campaigns have been a big success.
Brett O'Brien, CEO, Viddy
FanRx has been a great partner in building multi-channel (Web & Facebook) experiences for Interscope. A great product and a great team behind it.
Lee Hammond, Head of Platform Services, Interscope
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